Product & Stock Control

Often considered work-intensive, complex and inaccurate, the Stock Management feature of UniTrade360 is designed to make your life easier and your business more efficient. Integrated with the whole system it not only helps you to monitor your stock levels for optimised availability, it helps you predict what you need and when – and it’s really simple to use.

We are always working to develop new features to help our customers, such as mobile apps and handheld devices to help you in the yard, the mill or the warehouse.


Hold Products to Unit type to suit you Units; Pairs; 10s; dozens; 100s; 1000s; Bags; Palettes; Boxes
Hold each product to its own level of detail Every product can be held to the level of detail you feel works for your business. By giving this flexibility you can get the accuracy and control you need from the detail your operations will deliver
Multiple Barcodes per product Every product can have multiple barcodes logged against it
Full or Ad-hoc stock counts Choose whether to freeze all the stock, a single location, of just count individual products
Count by location Products can be arranged into locations. The system will print off stock take sheets by location. The user is notified if a product is held in more than one location

Plus Advanced, Multi-Branch and Multi-Currency Trading options as well as Handheld scanner and printer devices, integrated with the main system


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