Because we know how important a company’s finances are, we have designed our invoicing system to be compatible with the industry’s leading accounting systems for your convenience. Fully integrated with the wider trading and stock control system, invoices raised and paid are synchronised with customer history and trading analysis to give you instant access and full transparency to your business financials.

Key Features:

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly invoicing
  • Instant invoicing
  • Report – Audit Trail (all transactions)
  • Report – Audit Trail (exceptions)
  • Price Check missing prices, costs & low margins


Price Check missing prices, costs and low margins The optional price check stage gives managers the chance to confirm the margins made on orders and confirm the correct prices and costs are accounted for
Audit Trail in detail or by exception An audit trail prior to invoicing confirms the orders to be invoiced and any omissions or errors.  This can be produced as a full list of every transaction and line, or just the exceptions
Batch Invoice daily, weekly, monthly There is full flexibility to when invoice runs can be processed
Instant invoicing Invoice production does not need to wait for a batch invoice run