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How can Unitrade360 Benefit Your Business

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Target Improvement:
Business Aspect
Current Value
Target Value
How many customers do you have?

Just three features that could add more customers:

  • email targeted companies about relevant products
  • Competitive pricing on key products
  • Reputation for having stock when needed
Average number of orders per customer per year?

Just three features that could up number of orders

  • Email pdf quotes
  • Automatic reminders to chase outstanding quotes
  • Know what you have in stock and have what is needed
Average order value?

Just three features that could up value of orders

  • Automatic pricing to reduce manual discounting
  • Upsell customers from stock items
  • Cost milling and processing accurately to make sensible margins
Approximate Turnover:
Average Gross Margin percentage?

Just three features that could up margin on orders:

  • Supply from stock, less emergency purchases
  • Optimise Milling to longer runs
  • Purchase Packs with more suitable lengths
Annual Overheads of the business? (Salaries, transport, mill, premises, etc. excluding Stock)

Just three features that could reduce the Overhead rate:

  • Fast and efficient Order Processing
  • Just In Time Stock
  • Automatic customer notifications - letting them know as their orders progress
Number of people using the Trading System? (Minimum 5)
Potential Benefit Year 1
First year cost user system:
(5 user foundation system £649 per month)
(Additional users £75 per month)
(inc. Server, UniTrade360, Link to Sage 50, unlimited implementation service pack, ongoing service pack)

If you don’t have the measurements of your business easily to hand, a UniTrade 360 system could give you the figures you need. By measuring we can help you understand where your time, effort and money are invested and provide a foundation for growth.

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