New Module: Trading Analysis

New Module: Trading Analysis

We have put a lot of hard work into improving our Trading Analysis module and are very proud of the results. Feedback from customers is incredibly positive – have you tried it out yet?

Our starting point was usability. We wanted to create a system that we would choose to use ourselves. The result is an intuitive, user-friendly, integrated analysis tool that will save you significant time and allow you to create instantaneous, real time reporting within seconds, in whatever format you need. It works from a top line business overview level right down to individual orders and product type. Sounds too good to be true? Read on!

ut360 trading analysis

We’ve designed it with a really easy drag and drop system, so users can now see all their data, cut any way they want, in seconds. You can see annual income, or split it by customer, ordered by size, either value or volume, by product type, date – even a customer-by-customer break down of profitability.

It’s tricky to convey in words quite how innovative and easy-to-use this system is, so we’ve put together a brief clip of some of the functionality – see the video here.


Immediate graphing of multiple sets of data gives an instant visual comparison, while the seamless integration with your order system means you can check straight away exactly what orders make up the values you’re looking at. Plus, you can export anything you’re looking at to external programmes like Excel, so you can share data any way you like.

It’s pretty ground-breaking, if we do say so ourselves. And fortunately, we don’t have to, because our customers are saying it for us!

A spokesperson for Dumfries Timber Company Ltd says, “As a multi-location operation, a system such as UniTrade 360 and Trading Analysis is the best tool possible; the success of any operation is solely based on “real time” accurate information at your fingertips…. UniTrade 360 and Trading Analysis ranks at the very top.” They add, “On a final note, behind the outstanding tools provided by UniTrade 360 and Trading Analysis is a plethora of exceptional customer service and support, another very important aspect to the success of any organisation.”

To find out more about getting the most from the module, to take a virtual tour or to talk to us about training or implementation, just give us a call.