How Much?

A new software system is not a purchase any business makes lightly. But we are absolutely confident that a UniTrade360 system will transform your business, allowing you better day to day operation for greater year on year growth.

In fact, we are so confident that we can help you grow that we invite you to take the 6 Step Challenge. By answering a few simple questions about the size and scale of your business, we can estimate how much return on investment our system would give you.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself in just a few clicks.

How can Unitrade360 Benefit Your Business

To get started, enter a target for how much you'd like your trade to improve...

Target Improvement:
Business Aspect
Current Value
Target Value
How many customers do you have?

Just three features that could add more customers:

  • email targeted companies about relevant products
  • Competitive pricing on key products
  • Reputation for having stock when needed
Average number of orders per customer per year?

Just three features that could up number of orders

  • Email pdf quotes
  • Automatic reminders to chase outstanding quotes
  • Know what you have in stock and have what is needed
Average order value?

Just three features that could up value of orders

  • Automatic pricing to reduce manual discounting
  • Upsell customers from stock items
  • Cost milling and processing accurately to make sensible margins
Approximate Turnover:
Average Gross Margin percentage?

Just three features that could up margin on orders:

  • Supply from stock, less emergency purchases
  • Optimise Milling to longer runs
  • Purchase Packs with more suitable lengths
Annual Overheads of the business? (Salaries, transport, mill, premises, etc. excluding Stock)

Just three features that could reduce the Overhead rate:

  • Fast and efficient Order Processing
  • Just In Time Stock
  • Automatic customer notifications - letting them know as their orders progress
Number of people using the Trading System? (Minimum 5)
Potential Benefit Year 1
First year cost user system:
(5 user foundation system £649 per month)
(Additional users £75 per month)
(inc. Server, UniTrade360, Link to Sage 50, unlimited implementation service pack, ongoing service pack)

If you would rather see it in action, just give us a call. We’d be happy to come and demonstrate what our system can do, completely free, with no obligation.