A Cloud-based system has no hardware on site; instead all the processing of the system is hosted remotely. Users then log in from any internet browser device. Your data is just as secure as with a server-based system. A Cloud-based system offers several benefits, including:

  • Lower up front investment – a monthly user subscription covers server infrastructure, build, software, help desk and upgrades
  • Low risk, with initial contract of only 12 months
  • Always up to date: all the new features added by Ten-25 are available instantly
  • Fast set-up, with no build time
  • Reduced System maintenance, as back-ups and housekeeping are done by Ten-25
  • Log in from any internet browsing device – includes PDAs, smartphones, iPads and Tablets
  • Guaranteed reliability – the system is mirrored so your data is secure
  • Remote branches get faster, reliable access
  • Trade even during a powercut! Because battery-powered internet-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets can access the system remotely, you can keep on trading even if your site loses power