Well who doesn’t like a challenge? Yes, I’m taking on one of the dullest subjects in the world, because it is actually REALLY INTERESTING, and has huge benefits and vital importance…

Now we’re nearing year end it’s always worth looking back on what has happened in the last year. Last summer, we welcomed a number of new customers to the Ten-25 family (some of you may even remember us writing about them in our newsletter) We caught up with them…

Sponsoring the TTJ Awards

Back in September we were delighted to sponsor the annual TTJ awards ceremony. We’ve been supplying Timber Merchant systems since 1981 so we’re a pretty well-known face in those parts, and it seemed only fitting that we helped to support such an important industry event.

We supplied some blank USB sticks for all the guests to take home – we can’t speak for everyone but we always find those little beauties incredibly useful, so we thought we’d share the love. The awards event also coincided with us launching our specialist Timber Merchant Systems website, so again the timing was spot on.

Ever dedicated to the quest of making our customers’ lives easier, we’re delighted to unveil our new iOS app for iPhone / Apple users. This nifty little app integrates with the rest of the system letting you seamlessly piece together your stock reporting data. It’s specifically designed by us to help you with your shop […]

Ten-25 began in timber. That’s where are roots are. As part of our ongoing commitment to great service, we have therefore been beavering away (sorry) behind the scenes to create something tailored purely for the timber market…

New Pack Search

We’re really proud of this new search module. A lot of work has gone into it and we are quite confident it will become an indispensable tool for businesses trading in packs. We all know the complexities of timber packs, stock management and real-time status updates. Our new pack search module allows a comprehensive and […]

Staff Profile: Meet Bob Hooper!

A real stalwart of Ten-25, Bob has been with us since 1986. He previously worked for RHM Agriculture in Dorset, then Dalgety Agriculture in Bristol, where he became a Cobol programmer. Bob is our Software Development Manager and has years of experience behind him of the Strip/UniSTRIP/UniTRADE family of products stretching right back to the […]

It’s fair to say that we at Ten-25 like George Ritchie. In fact we like him so much that in 2001 we recruited him from one of our oldest customers, Alexanders’ Sawmills, where he’d been happily working for the previous 18 years! We wanted him to join our support team, and we’re really very glad […]