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Robbins Timber

Specialist Software for Specialist Customers

One of the great things about Ten-25 is our long-standing relationships with our customers. We have been working with Robbins Timber for nearly 14 years now, and we have seen their business go from strength to strength. They are about to upgrade to the newest UniTrade360 system – and we’re all rather excited about it!

As a specialist timber merchant with a well-earned reputation for being able to meet its customers’ niche requirements, Robbins has to be more flexible than most. With current annual turnover in the region of £7 million and 40 full time staff, it has the buying power to compete with the big market players, but the agility to respond to its customers’ specialist needs. But with that agility comes a need for great trading software to make it all happen behind the scenes, and the time is right for the upgrade to happen.

MarineSheetdespatch340wRobbins Managing Director Richard Bagnall comments, “We’ve never had any issues with the software from Ten-25. It’s great that it has continued to evolve over the years to meet our needs, and the time is right for the next natural progression.”

Robbins Timber is known as a specialist in marine timber, with the company’s roots in Bristol Docks going back to 1750. It has developed its own range of Robbins Elite Marine Plywood, and offers the widest range of timber and sheet material in the country. It also operates in general timber, and has full milling and planning facilities for a comprehensive, and often fully bespoke, service.

“We always try to accommodate our customers’ requirements, no matter how specialist,” says Richard. “If a customer needs 250m of a certain material every other week, which might be uneconomical for a larger business, we’ll make it happen. Delivery days can be rearranged, and we keep track of what are customers are ordering to save them time and effort next time.” So whether it’s an unusual material or finish, or a particular sizing constraint, Robbins will always go the extra mile to meet its customers’ needs.

However, being so adaptable creates a lot more back-office work, so one particularly appealing aspect of the upgraded system is the new CRM functionality. With comprehensive customer notes seamlessly stored alongside trading history, accounts and ad hoc certification and attachments, the new CRM module will make it easy for any member of staff to deal instantly with a customer query, no matter how complex or unusual their previous ordering.

Robbins_Brookgate_340wAs a trusted supplier, Robbins depends on its existing customers for repeat business, and the CRM system should make that relationship stronger.

As Richard Bagnall says, “Anything we can do to make it easier for people to work both with us and for us is a plus. We want to be the very best for our customers; so being able to see what they need on a repeat basis will help that, and give them faster and even more intuitive service.”

Another element which will make a big difference is the Trading Analysis feature. Giving faster, easier and more flexible insight into the data already held within the system should prove a major benefit, providing user-friendly access to the information from whichever perspective is required. “The new Trading Analysis software is streamlined and simple to use, and will be familiar to new users. It is designed intuitively, so you can cut the data any way you want,” says Richard. “You can also look at several sets of data simultaneously – in previous systems you’d have to exit one thing before opening another. This way it’s all visible immediately, which makes it very slick and easy to use.”

Clunky software wastes time in business, with the sheer volume of information making it a time-consuming task to wade through. UniTrade360 has been uniquely designed to make that process faster and easier, saving a great deal of time and effort, as well as offering instant insights into profitability and customer history.

Weinig8headMoulder340wStock management is always critical for any timber merchant, and again, the upgraded functionality of UniTrade360 will help Robbins to manage its supplies even more efficiently. We are also looking at developing a range of enhanced stock management features to help our customers still further, ranging from mobile apps to handheld devices. Every aspect of the system is always fully integrated, meaning all trading information is held centrally on either Cloud or system-based servers, regularly backed-up, and supported with an unbeatable promise of helpdesk service.

Every business has unique demands, and with as many specialist, niche market customers as Robbins, it’s vital to have the right system in place to not only meet customer requirements, but to surpass them, and plan more accurately for the future. UniTrade360 helps the day to day running of operations, with the sophistication and strategic insight to also expedite the year on year growth of the business.